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Coconut Sweet Potato Macadamia Nut Waffle

Say Aloha to Breakfast with this Coconut Sweet Potato Macadamia Nut Waffle with Coconut Syrup

Almond Waffles

Brunch it up with Almond Waffles I’ve mentioned to you guys before that I love waffles. I mean, what’s not to love? They have all those squares with the potential to soak up and hold endless toppings.  I love going out for waffles and… Continue Reading “Almond Waffles”

Cinna Maple Glazed Chicken and Waffles

Crisp and golden buttery pancakes with abs! I present to you; the waffle! Who wouldn’t love these? Seriously; smelling these beautifully shaped waffles cooking will bring comfort and contentment to anyone in your home, including the chef!