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Maple Walnut White Chocolate Blondies

These homemade blondies are buttery and chewy, and super easy to make.  Serve them with my maple cream sauce and you’ll be in dessert Heaven. 

Maple Pecan Sweet Potato Waffle with Maple Cream Sauce

A few days ago I posted that delicious Sweet Potato Bunt Cake with Maple Cream.  I had a little bit of mashed sweet potato left over. It wasn’t quite enough to bake another cake with. Although that would’ve been perfect.  However waffles came to…

Sweet Potato Bunt Cake w/ Maple Cream Sauce

This Sweet Potato Bunt Cake w/ Maple Cream Sauce is filled with fall flavors. This cake is dense and moist and topped with a delicious maple cream sauce. If anything, just make this recipe for the maple cream sauce. It’s so good you can…